The new changes to the test updates in 0.9.6

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Hi, Tankers!
What we can expect in the update 0.9.6?

1. Will change the accuracy of hitting the target point;
2. Tank Destroyers will be simpler and more command;
3. Change the characteristics of light tanks, except M41, T37, they will be a little worse;
4. Maps «Redshir», «Steppe», «Prokhorovka» become more smooth and gentle;
5. Now it will be possible to retrain your crew to any other profession;
6. As will be able to use artillery shells and aircraft.

These are the surprises waiting for us in updating 0.9.6

[9.8] Battle Assistant - new opportunities in the game

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Presenting your attention the super mod — Battle Assistant, which adds new features in the game for every type of tank. These improvements are added to the standard battle interface and make the game more comfortable.

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