Lemon96 skins v62 shaded. Tank hit zones mod v.2 [9.3]

Shaded Tank hit zones mod for World of Tanks 9.3. Authors: Kodoku, Shotter, Lemon96
Tanks hit zones 9.3: Tanks hit zones 8.10: Tanks hit zones: Lemon96 skins v57 shaded. Tank hit zones mod v.2 [9.3]

Tanks hit zones 9.3: Tanks hit zones 8.10: Tanks hit zones: Lemon96 skins v57 shaded. Tank hit zones mod v.2 [9.3]
The Tank hit zones are made for such tanks:
Heavy tanks: IS-7, IS-4, IS-8, ST-1, IS-3, KV-4, KV-5, IS, KV-3, KV-1S, T-150, KV-2, KV-1, Churchil, IS-6, T-62A.
Medium Tanks: T-54, T-44, T-43, T-34-85, KV-13, T-34, Matilda, Valentin.
Destroyers: Object 704, ISU-152, SU-152, SU-100, SU-85, Object 268, Object 263, SU-100M1, SU-101, SU-122-54, SU-122-44.
Light Tanks: T-50-2.
Artillery:SU-14,Object 212,Object 261.
Tanks hit zones 9.3: Tanks hit zones 9.3: Tanks hit zones: Lemon96 skins v57 shaded. Tank hit zones mod v.2 [9.3]
Heavy Tanks: Maus, E-100 E-75, VK 4502 (P), Tiger II, VK 4502 (A), Lowe, Tiger, Tiger P,
Medium tanks: E-50, Panther II, Panther, VK3002 (DB), VK3001 (H), VK3601 (H), VK3001 (P), Pz III / IV, Pz IV, PzKpfw V-IV, T-25, E50 Ausf. M,
Destroyers: JagdTiger, Ferdinand, JagdPanther, JagdPz IV, StuG III, JagdTiger 8,8 cm, JagdPz E-100, Dr.Max,JagdPanter II,
Light tanks: VK2801, Hotchkiss H39 Captured,
Artillery: GW.Panther, GW Tiger, GW E.

Heavy tanks: T110, M103, Т34, T32, M6A2E1, Т29, T14, T1 Heavy, M6,
Medium tanks: M46 Patton, M26 Pershing, T20, Ram II, m4a3e8 sherman, SuperPershing, M48A1, M4A3E2,
Destroyers: T30, T95, T28 Prototype, T28, T25 AT, slugger, T110E3, T110E4, T25\2, T18
Light tanks: M24 Chaffee.
Artillery:T92, M40/43, M12.

Heavy tanks: AMX M4 (1945), AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50 B, BDR G1B,
Medium tanks: Lorraine 40t, Bat-Chatillon 25t.
Light tanks: AMX 13 90, AMX40, AMX 38, Hotchkiss H35, B1.
Destroyers: AMX50 Foch, AMX AC Mle1948, AMX Foch 155, Ac Mle 1946, ARL 44.
Artillery: Lorr. 155 51, Lorr. 155 50, Bat.Chat. 155.

Light tanks: Type 62, WZ-131, WZ-132
Medium Tanks: Type 59, WZ-120, 121, T34, Type 58,
Heavy tanks: IS-2, WZ-111, 110, WZ-1-4, 113, T18

Medium Tanks: Matilda Black Prince, Centurion mk3, FV4202, Comet, Centurion
Heavy tanks: Churchill I,Churchill VII,Conqueror,
FV215b, Caernarvon, Black Prince,
Destroyers: AT 2, AT 7, AT 8, AT 15, Tourtoise,Gun Carrier Chuchill,FV215b 183.

Open archive.rar and folder «vehicles» drag: ...World_of_Tanks /res_mods/0.9.3

— «zoom effect» (+ zoom) implies that the zones on the tanks appear only when approaching them at a distance of about 100 meters when viewed from a third person and at a distance of about 300 meters at the sight of a sniper mode.

— Compression (25%) indicated if the texture in the game have a reduced resolution. Recommended for slower computers.

skins shaded + zoom (312 Mb)
Shaded skins compressed 25% (19 Mb)
v0.9.3.68 skins shaded


T29 no hit zone. While others have. What I want is there any solution for this.?
can get a list of what the colors indicate, plz and thank you.
I've installed this. My assumption it is 9.0 compatible but the hit zones to not appear on many of the tanks. Is this a work in progress? thanks!
In regards to my last: «do not appear»
Don't work on 9.0
its a old version
I tried all hit skins and at best the ones that did show tanks only showed 1 or 2 tanks with the skins. Looks as if all the skins were just renamed from the last 8.11 skins.
File is v0.8.9.63_skins_andi_fireman(dendyt)_shaded_zoom.zip that was the 8.11 version that worked on 8.11 but not 9.0

I really wish this was 9.0
I have the same problem, only few tanks are shown. Somebody can explain me how to fix it?
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